Buhrmann Pressure Systems is a rental company specialised in the optimal use of high pressure and vacuum machines. Thanks to a rental fleet of young and powerful machines, you will experience that in many cases the work can be carried out faster.


By hiring a machine you are assured of working with the right equipment. In addition, you only incur costs if there is work for the machine. The additional things like maintenance, inspections, storage and depreciation etc. are for us.


Our office in Spijkenisse (Port of Rotterdam) is close to the industrial areas and shipyards, as well as the urban areas in the Randstad. The machines are already on a trailer and are therefore easy to move. Of course, if you wish, we will also be happy to organise the transport for you.


The website already shares as much information as possible about the specific characteristics of the machines and the possible areas of application. Of course, we would also be pleased to advise you personally about which equipment is suitable for your specific job. You are also very welcome in Spijkenisse (Port of Rotterdam) to experience the power of the machines and for a cup of coffee!